Advertise for Job Applicants

Step 1 - Click on "Login"

Step 2 - Enter Your Email Address and Password

Step 3 - Click on "Edit Listing"

Step 4 - Click on "Edit Employment"

Step 5 - Click on "Add New Job"

Step 6 - Enter the Details of Your Job Listing and then Save Changes

Step 7 - To View Your Job Listing Click on "View Job"

Step 8 - Your Applicant Will Apply by Clicking "Apply Online"

Step 9 - Your Applicant will Enter their Details and Upload Their Resume

Once your Job Applicant enters their details and uploads their resume, if you entered your email address for notification then you will get their application by email as well as being able to log in and see your applicants.

Step 10 - To Find Your Job Applicants Click on "Edit Job Applicants"

Step 11 - You can View Your Applicant Details and Download their Resume

Step 12 - Your Applicant Will Find Your Job Advertisement and Apply by By Clicking "Employment Opportunities" on Your Listing