Add Keywords to SEO your Listing

Are you wanting to boost your listing's search ranking within Christians in Business as well as across the world wide web? One of the first steps to take is filling out the Meta Description and Keywords section of your listing. Meta Description and Keywords for your listing can be found under Edit Business, then Edit Name/Location/Search.

Step 1 - "Login" to your Account

Step 2 - Enter your Name and Email Address

Step 3 - Click on "Edit Listing"

Step 4 - Click on "Edit Name/Location/Search" and Enter Keywords

What is a Meta Description?

In simple terms, a meta description is an HTML tag that is used to describe a web page (in this case, your listing) in snippet form. It appears in the search engine results, underneath the page title and URL—and something that will determine whether a person will want to click on the link to view your listing.

People use search engines to get answers and solutions, and their ability to gauge whether or not a website does that generally starts with the page title, the URL, and the meta description they see in search engine results.

Your listing's Meta Description should be two to three sentences long and provide a fairly detailed description of what your listing is about. Are you a Real Estate Agent in Dallas? Then write something like:

"Residential and Commercial Properties in Dallas, Texas. Real Estate Company with 30 years experience providing the perfect property for home buyers and business owners."

This example Meta Description lets visitors know exactly what the business is about and where it's located. You might even want to add some of the areas that you specialize in since some people may be looking in specific areas for what you are selling.

For the Search field, you may add up to 200 keywords that match your content and the types of searches people may do to find that content. The imaginary Real Estate Agent we've written about above might want a list of Keywords like Residential, Commercial, Properties, Dallas, Texas, First Time Buyers, Large Homes, Small Homes, (List surrounding communities and sub divisions) etc.

Do not use keywords that are irrelevant to your listing or Google will ignore the words you've listed. Also, make sure that you use a comma between each keyword that you use. Once you have finished make sure that you SAVE your changes.

Here is an Example of a Google Search and the Results